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4th QUARTEr Webinars MEETINGs OF 2020 

December 3, 2020 Time  1:00pm - 2:00pm EST 

Brought to you by Circular Edge and HUG:

How JDE Customers are Achieving Next-Gen RPA using AtomIQ & E1 Orchestrator

The opportunities to implement Attended & Unattended Robotic and Business Process Automations across your business are virtually unlimited:

  • Calculate Freight Charges based on Order Information (Quantity, volume, size, weight, location, date)
  • Improve End User Experience for CSRs, Purchasing & Quality Managers, Planners, Controllers, etc
  • Enable Alert, Analyze & Act framework for all users without having OneView Foundation licensing
  • Eliminate Production Capacity Constraints using Forward Scheduling with PlanIQ
  • And so many more


Through customer case studies and demos, learn how AtomIQ's framework empowers your business to automate complex and redundant steps by initiating critical business events in real-time. We’ll also explore how to leverage both AtomIQ and Orchestrator to speed up the pace of your business and enable disparate systems can talk to each other and dynamically go about their tasks without having to wait for human intervention, thereby cutting costs and saving time better invested elsewhere.

Speaker: Nitin Lakhpat, Partner & Product Development, Circular Edge

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December 9, 2020 - Syntax         Time TBD  



January 7. 2021 - iLearnERP      Time TBD


January 21, 2021 - JDEMart      Time TBD


February 4, 2021 - BCA               Time TBD


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